I am thinking…

We should create something amazing, then make it meaningful.

Fall down just to stand up again?

 people working on rocket illustration
Every interaction with customers contribute to the overall brand experience. By hadynoody.

I can’t get over this thought in my head—which keeps telling me that this sucks but it’s worth it (Truth is I am enjoying the process). Wouldn’t it be nice to get our way all the entire time? To be perfect and not make mistakes? Yeah, that would be great, really? I don’t think so.


One way or another when inner peace surrounds us it’s easier to focus on what our hearts lead us to create and keep that thing going. The next thing will only come while we’re busy with this thing, which means that we do it again and again. that’s growth, that’s loving what you do. You do it cos it brings meaning, it changes lives, even if it’s 1 person.


It is worth every sacrifice. We find fulfillment knowing that we are able to believe in others and we want to do more.

It’s love in motion. Don’t stop believing. Don’t stop smiling. dream Big 🙂

Michael Masinga