The vision for this project was to create a global community that thinks and acts on recycling. By launching and marketing the events, we were able to create a movement that rewards recyclers for cleaning up their environment and tracking their points.


Build a fun, innovative, and sustainable world.


Emvelo iRecycle is an initiative that is driven to create an innovative way of thinking and acting on recycling, the approach is to make Emvelo iRecycle the most trusted way to recycle.


Emvelo iRecycle with the slogan/hashtag #RewardRecycling will build a culture of positive citizens who are driven to change and work towards a sustainable environment through recycling.

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Social Media

Key Issue

The problem is that people do not act on recycling.

Key Solution

The solution is to utilize digital media as a mechanism to lead people to interact and be educated by inspiring their values.


Benoni High School Launch

“It’s a good thing for the children,” said Ceronio.

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Recycling just got a whole lot more rewarding

The pupils at Benoni High School were buzzing with excitement at the recent launch of the Emvelo iRecycle machines at their school.


DSTV Delicious Launch

#DstvDelicious #RewardRecycling #2016 #iRecycle
We were able to partner up with Generosity Water

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