Relentless Pursuit Of Excellence.
DataMule is a South African company specialising in big data, data science and analysis as well as customised systems development. The mission was to rebrand and create a website that can clearly define their mission.




Introduce BlckSheep to the digital market and help increase digital presence. With a simple but effective way to create sales for their brand. The focus here is the clothing and creativity that the brand has. Without cluttering the user experience we were able to capture the essense of the designs.



As a new brand, we will then focus on telling the stories about the brand without trying to catch up with the fashion trends and expectations, this will help us identify the brand and it’s immidiate market.


Create an easy to use secure e-commerce site, that will showcase the brand in a classical way. Demonstrate the first collection of items and expose the brand ethics.



Blcksheep is all about character and removing the social norm of how to get success in life, we created the brand and visuals inspired by this notion.

People have to see blcksheep as a creative and fashion brand, not just by the designs but by the way the brand directs it’s code of conduct. being different and being proud.